Submission Guidelines


The Oologah Lake Leader gives first preference to local news about local people. Here are some general policies and guidelines for news in the Oologah Lake Leader:

• We always reserve the right to edit news submissions which are published for style and length requirements. We cannot promise placement in a specific issue of the paper but do our best to include appropriate news in a timely fashion.

• News should be submitted by 5 p.m. on Monday for that week’s newspaper.

• We will print one news story about a local event (in Northwest Rogers County) sponsored by a local non-profit group at no charge plus we will include the event in the community calendar in the newspaper and online at no charge as space permits. If your organization would like the information to be included more than one week, you can purchase an advertisement. If the event is a fundraiser with an admission charge, you must purchase an advertisement. We offer a special non-profit ad rate.

• Application forms cannot be included in free news stories.

• There is no charge for birth announcements, wedding or engagement information for local residents and their immediate families. There is a $10 charge for a birth photo and a $25 charge for an engagement or wedding photo.

• The Leader writes business news stories about local businesses who advertise in the Oologah Lake Leader. For a new business story or a business feature story or photograph, contact Marketing Director Carolyn Estes at 918-443-2428 or

• News information should be typed. We will not be responsible for misspelled names from handwritten information. Emailed submissions, either with the information in the body of the email or as an attachment in Word or a similar format, are preferred.

• Submissions can be made by email to Please include a contact name and telephone number.

• News which we feel is inappropriate for a family newspaper will be rejected. The editors will determine the priority for other submissions, since we often receive more requests for coverage than there is space in the newspaper to publish that coverage.


When you want to provide information to the newspaper about an upcoming or past event, write a news release. News releases generally contain 200-250 words, and include the basics—who, what, where, when and why:
• “Who” is involved in the event (people, organizations, etc.) Please check the spellings of all names carefully.
• “What” is a description of what happened or what will happen. Be concise and precise. Write, “The Alpha Club’s annual Christmas party drew 50 people from five states,” rather than “Our club’s party was a lot of fun.”
• When was it/will it be held. List time, day, date (“8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 2”)?
• Where was it held/will it be held?
• Why was it held?
• Other details include whether an event is open to the public, if there is a need for reservations, and if there is an admission charge. (If there is an admission charge, you must also purchase an ad.)
• Photographs may be submitted. Photographs should be bright, clearly focused and include people. Don’t submit fuzzy dark pictures, photocopies or poor quality computer printouts. List the names of the people included in the photographs. Electronic photographs may be in jpg, tif or bmp format.
• Contact name and telephone number should be included in case we need to contact you for more information.
To submit a news release, send an e-mail to, come by the office at 109 S. Maple in Historic Downtown Oologah (there’s a message box next to the door if we’re not in) or mail it to PO Box 1175, Oologah, OK 74053. E-mail releases will get faster treatment.

Items involving school news should be directed to Faith at and Carolyn at

Sports items and items involving Oologah Town Government should be submitted to Carolyn.

Material involving courts, law enforcement, crimes, RWD 4, NW Fire District, OTEMS Ambulance District, Talala town government and related entities and the Corps of Engineers should be submitted to John at .


The Oologah Lake Leader welcomes local letters to the editor. We accept signed letters and guest editorials of up to 300 words so long as they do not pose legal or taste problems. Readers may submit one letter per month. Letters are due by 5 p.m. Monday. Please include a daytime telephone number and address for verification. (The telephone number and address will not be printed.)

Political endorsement letters are not accepted the last week before an election. Endorsements will be accepted as paid advertising that week.

All letters should be submitted directly to John at with the word Letter to the Editor included in the subject line. They also may be mailed to PO Box 1175, Oologah, OK 74053 or delivered to the Leader office at 109 S. Maple.

Suggestions for a regular column on a periodic basis should be directed to John by email with an outline of the focus of the column and the types of topics to be covered. As a general rule, such columns run about 500 words but length limits are solely at the discretion of the publisher based on space, general interest and other factors which go into the makeup of any editorial page.


The Oologah Lake Leader welcomes news from local churches (Northwest Rogers County).

Informational Church News includes events and activities at the church. Local photographs of local people participating in church activities can be included.

Promotional photographs of visiting speakers or musical groups must be submitted as paid advertising.

Devotional Columns by local pastors or church members are run only as paid advertising.

Births, Weddings and Engagements may be submitted for local residents. There is no charge for the news item. There is a $10 charge for birth photos and a $25 charge for wedding and engagement photos. Standard forms are available at our office and on our website. Questions should be directed to Vickie at 443-2428 or Birth announcements may be submitted by parents or grandparents; wedding or engagement announcements by the bride, groom, or the parent(s) of either. The person submitting such announcement assumes all liability for the information submitted if published accurately and specifically agrees to defend and hold harmless the Oologah Lake Leader, LLC and its staff, management and owners for any claims resulting from accurate publication of information provided.


The Oologah Lake Leader will print a Basic Obituary at no charge for local residents, former residents and immediate family members of local residents.

A Basic Obituary includes name, age and city of deceased, date and location of death, a few sentences about work and personal history, immediate survivors including parents, siblings and children, service times and burial information.

An Expanded Obituary is $25. An Expanded Obituary can include additional information such as personal history, work history, hobbies, church and club membership, additional survivors such as grandchildren and great-grandchildren, those who preceded in death, and additional service information such as pall bearers and memorial contributions. Obituaries over 350 words will incur an additional charge based on length.

A photograph is $10 and can be included with either the basic or expanded obituary.

All obituaries must be submitted by a licensed funeral director or service or include the name of the licensed service in charge of arrangements. The same liability waiver applies to obituaries provided by individuals as is outlined above for weddings, engagements and birth announcements.


The Oologah Lake Leader will print an announcement story for local candidates for office at no charge. To make an announcement in the Leader, the candidate should call and make an appointment for an interview with publisher John Wylie. Candidates may provide a portrait or the Leader staff can take a photograph.

Announcements must be made before the filing period for that office begins. It is no longer “news” after the filing period and any announcement submitted after the filing period begins will be published as paid advertising, payable in advance at standard retail advertising rates.

Political advertising must be paid in advance and by law must include the name and address of an individual or bona-fide organization.

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