Wrestling Results

Junior High – 106

Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Grant Edwards of Oologah 2nd Place - Kavan Meyers of Perkins 3rd Place - Kaiden Ailey of Blackwell 4th Place - Zach Prince of Vinita 5th Place - Landon Shell of Pawnee 6th Place - Issac Byers of Mannford 1st Place Match Grant Edwards (Oologah) won by majo1 (Perkins ) (Maj 13-0) 3rd Place Match Kaiden Ailey (Blackwell) won by decision (Dec 6-3) 5th Place Match Landon Shell (Pawnee) won by decision (Mannford) (Dec 4-2)

Junior High – 113

Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Dylan Henson of Vinita 2nd Place - Drake Black of Oologah

Junior High – 120

Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Harlan Britt of Pawnee 2nd Place - Rayden Agee of Blackwell 3rd Place - Isaac Xiong of Oologah 4th Place - Arie Maley of Mannford 5th Place - Brad Dick of Vinita 6th Place - Alec Davis of Grove 1st Place Match Harlan Britt (Pawnee) won by fall over Ra)  2:23) 3rd Place Match Isaac Xiong (Oologah) won by decision over Aric Maley (Mannford) (Dec 6-2) 5th Place Match Brad Dick (Vinita) won by fall over Alec Davis (Grove) (Fall 4:38)

Junior High – 126

Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Darius Morgan of Vinita 2nd Place - Ostin Bandy of Grove 3rd Place - Christian Mora of Blackwell 4th Place - Lane Stephens of Oologah

Junior High – 132

Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jose Flores of Inola 2nd Place - Dustin Macy of Grove 3rd Place - Dominique Lara of Blackwell 4th Place - Mason Crawford of Mannford 5th Place - Branson Briggs of Oologah 6th Place - Cooper Osborn of Vinita 1st Place Match Jose Flores (Inola) won by fall over Dustin 3rd Place Match Dominique Lara (Blackwell) won by decision (Mannford) (Dec 4-1) 5th Place Match Branson Briggs (Oologah) won by fall over Cooper Osborn (Vinita) (Fall 0:29)

Junior High – 140

Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Blake Salt of Oologah Junior High – 150 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Josh Ramsey of Blackwell 2nd Place - Dehne Partin of Berryhill 3rd Place - Collin Miller of Bartlesville 4th Place - Conner Linam of Oologah 5th Place - Eric Gonzalez of Sperry 6th Place - Gauge Jackson of Miami

Junior High – 200

Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Gerald Nomau of Miami 2nd Place - Andre Rhea of Vinita 3rd Place - Colin Schrader of Oologah 4th Place - Tyler Walker of Pawnee 5th Place - Logan Webb of Blackwell 6th Place - Jimmy Phillips of Grove 1st Place Match Gerald Nomau (Miami ) won by fall over Andre Rhea (Vinita) (Fall 3:11) 3rd Place Match Colin Schrader (Oologah) won by fall over Tyler Walker (Pawnee) (Fall 1 :23) 5th Place Match Logan Webb (Blackwell) won by decision over Jimmy Phillips (Grove) (Dec 7-0)

Junior High – 285

Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Josh Wright of Grove 2nd Place - Chuck Long of Pawnee 3rd Place - Gabriel Grazier of Oologah 4th Place - Conner Cosgrave of Sperry 5th Place - Doyal Dylan of Pawhuska 6th Place - Michael Bailey of Miami

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