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OICA continues support for SQ 802, cosponsors Children’s March for Justice

OICA continues support for SQ 802, cosponsors Children’s March for Justice

With the ongoing pandemic and the national emotions over injust policies, there is no way to anticipate how many Oklahomans will vote at the polls on Tuesday, June 30. Rest assured, though, this is a critical election for our state. We encourage every voter to not let this Election Day pass by without your vote.

Notes from the Chief

Notes from the Chief

Across our country, we are having a new dialogue about how we experience race and the painful chapters of United States history, including the American Civil War. Recently, I oversaw the removal of two monuments from the historic Cherokee Nation Capitol Square in Tahlequah. The monuments failed to reflect the Cherokee Nation’s values of freedom and inclusion, and they run contrary to the idea that Cherokees Nation should have control of telling its own story.

What´s in a Name?

Before we take our first breath our mothers dwell on possible names. There are books listing names A to Z for expectant mothers and some names are so unique that parts of the name are a combination of family names or creative spelling. We name our pets, farm animals and sometimes we name our cars. We naturally desire to be significant, to see our name in lights, or maybe not. What’s in your name?


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