“Why are you cold? Aren’t you from Russia?” I was asked many times. I was always cold in Russia during winter. I instantly think of long minutes waiting for public

For the Children

Stress is an issue that impacts everyone. Regardless of your age, your income level or where you live, stress affects the health and well-being of every single person on this

The Right Idea

Rep. Jason Dunnington, DOklahoma City, authored two bills related to the minimum wage. The first would have repealed a state law that prevents Oklahoma cities from setting their own minimum

Notes from the Chief

The recent federal budget extension includes funding for the reauthorization of the Special Diabetes Program for Indians. This is significant for the Cherokee Nation and all of Indian Country. The


Understanding school demographics is vital to evaluating and addressing students’ needs. Teachers should know the social aspect of the schools where they teach and more importantly, the history that played


Valentines, Valentines, I chanted in my head so I wouldn’t forget to go by the store to buy small valentine gifts for the kids’ friends at school. We pulled into

For the Children

At the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, our team was pleased to hear Governor Mary Fallin declare in her State of the State Address on Monday that “we deserve better


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