My Final Farewell

Since graduation came and went last Saturday, I have officially graduated from school. I’m sad to leave so much behind, but I have to look forward and prepare for what’s

Notes from the Chief

Legislative success is an essential tool in maximizing the prosperity of Cherokee Nation. Partnerships with federal, state and local entities enhance our ability to provide essential services to our citizens.

For the Children

The legislative session for 2018 came to a grinding halt on Thursday, May 3. The push to adjourn came quickly as many legislators did not want to linger in session


“Let’s go for a walk,” the kids chimed while dragging their Russian grandma outside. Alex wanted to practice on his new rip stick and Sophia to “scoot” on her recently


Two little boys were known troublemakers, stealing everything they could get their hands, even from the church. One day a priest stopped one of the boys and asked, “Where is


Spring cleaning is what I remember as deep house cleaning before Easter in Russia. Everything in the house had to be scrubbed, window curtains washed, and when Easter Sunday came,

For the Children

I am pleased to announce the centerpiece of the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy’s legislative agenda, Senate Bill 1517, dealing with the creation of a Trauma-informed Care Task Force, passed

Notes from the Chief

Across the country, the mission of the federal Johnson-O’Malley program is to provide the books, fees, equipment and other necessities that Native children need but would not otherwise be provided


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