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Oolagah Historical Society

The Oolagah Historical Museum is located 1 block west of US-169 on Cooweescoowee Ave. in downtown Oologah. It is also a tourism information center.

Hours: Noon – 5 p.m. Weekdays
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PO Box 185, Oologah, OK 74053
E-mail: oolagahhistorical@atlasok.com

The Oolagah Historical Museum features artifacts reflecting everyday life from turn-of-the-century to present day. It has its roots in the 1890s and is believed to be the oldest commercial building in the downtown district. It was originally a general store. The building was restored and opened as a museum in 1988.

The front room is decorated as a Victorian front parlor and features photographs and items from pioneer Oologah families. The large exhibit hall was added in 1992. Exhibits are grouped by theme and include farm and ranch, military, school, home, childhood, Will Rogers, business life and early town government. The museum also has some early tax records and other books available for research, as well as bound back issues of the Oologah Lake Leader newspaper.

The museum houses a gift shop with offers t-shirts, caps, mugs, key chains, magnets, books, videos, Christmas ornaments and other items.

The Cherokee Kid TM
The Indian Territory town of Oolagah centered around the pump, a source of water for the communtiy and for teams of horses bringing goods and people to the railroad depot. Will Rogers was no exception and often stopped to water his horse at the pump.

The life-size bronze statue depicts a moment in 1906 when Will and his favorite horse, Comanche, stopped for a drink. The monument was sculpted by Sandra Van Zandt, commissioned by the Oolagah Historical Society and funded by local donations. The monument was unveiled on Aug. 15, 1995 (60 years after Will Rogers’ tragic death) by his son Jimmy Rogers and actor Ben Johnson.

Limited-edition bronze miniatures of The Cherokee Kid are available at the Oolagah Historical Museum for $1,000.

Downtown Oologah
Other attractions downtown include The Bank of Oolagah and the I.W.W. Beck building, both listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The Bank shows what banking was like in Indian Territory days.

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