Good Community, Good Students

Despite being out of school for the teacher walkout, we still have a good community and good students. Since I have worked at the paper I have met a great deal of interesting people, all of them with different personalities, but each one of them caring in their own way.

Oologah is a small town that just driving through most people wouldn’t even know we were here. If you stop and talk with people around town, you’ll see that we’re a closeknit community. People help each other out, and despite our size, we have some very good students.

There are several students in the high school that I am acquaintanced with that have won major awards and scholarships. I like to consider myself a good student; I get good grades and do my best in class, but there are others that are better than myself, and I won’t deny it. Oologah really is a small town where everyone knows everyone in one way or another. Even though we’re small, there are plenty of students from the Lower to the High School that can and will succeed, even with the school closure.

Oologah Lake Leader


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