Teacher Walkout

With April 2nd only four days away, I wanted to know what those around me thought of the possible teacher walkout. April 2nd has been decided to be the day that teachers across the state “walk out” if the capital does not fix the education budget crisis. Our own school board has approved the walkout and if it does happen, school will be closed until further notice. April 2nd was picked as the day for the walkout because state testing begins on April 3rd and many people believe that by not taking the tests and giving the state the results that they want, they will change the budget to provide the education system with the money it needs.

I asked a couple of my classmates what they thought of the walkout. One of them said that they support the teachers but think that there are better ways of protesting the capital for the money they need. Another student dislikes the idea and thinks the teachers shouldn’t do it at all for the sake of the students because if school is closed then none of the students are getting the education they need and school activities such as graduation will be greatly affected by it.

I put a post on Facebook asking what people in our community thought of the walkout and the one response I got was that the person supports the idea but thinks that school being closed because of the walkout is unfair to the students. I also asked one of my teachers what their thoughts on the subject were and they said that they support it but believe that teachers statewide need to come together as a whole to fix the problem.

I, myself support the idea of a teacher walkout to an extent. I do believe that the capital needs to give more money to the schools in our state and that our teachers need a raise. The one thing that I don’t like is that school will be closed during the walkout. There are many students outside of myself that rely on school meals as our meals for the day, and not many parents can afford daycare or babysitters or the times when the students aren’t in school. We have five days that we can be out of school that don’t affect things like graduation and prom, but what happens if we go beyond five days? I’ve heard the ideas of adding more time to the end of the school day or extending the school year to make up for the days we’d lose to the protest.

The lawmakers know about this walkout and still have done nothing about the budget to stop it from happening. I honestly hope that the capital gets their act together and fixes this problem by Monday. If they don’t fix it before then, then I sincerely hope that they fix it quickly to save all of us from having to go longer into the summer than we would like.

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