Tour Will Rogers Memorial Museum in 3D

An Edmond securities broker’s love of photography, a hobby he shares with his wife, is fast looking more like a future profession. At 73, John Neely has created a 3D interactive model of Will Rogers Memorial Museum.

He has created a 3D tour of the Museum, fully dimensional and accurate from the front door, through the Museum store, various galleries, down the halls and along the walls — to the west doors leading to the Library and business offices.

A resident of Edmond since 1975, he had not visited the Claremore Museum since his junior high days in Tulsa, so it was a new experience as well as a new profession.

His company, 3D Scans Plus, is a strategic partner of Matterport. Matterport, which started as Goggle, provides the camera and software and Neely scans space and creates the tour.

While there are several companies similar to his throughout the world, he said, “there may be only one other in Oklahoma.”

\Neely said scanning is a type of photography that allows capture of space in 3D. By photographing an entire space and with the special equipment, he can create a 3D interactive tour.

He has also produced a tour of Oklahoma State University engineering building, Endeavor, and is scheduled to work with Oklahoma Indian tribes and will do the Oklahoma Capitol when work is complete.

It was his work with the Oklahoma History Center that caught the eye of Tad Jones, Will Rogers Memorial Museum executive director.

“It is another way to reach out to people who either want to learn more about Will Rogers and the Museum, but also entice people to consider the Museum in future Rt. 66, vacation or day- trip plans,” Jones said.

Neely’s 3D Memorial Museum Tour can be viewed on, thanks to help by people who share the same name. In fact, John Neely ‘s father, John of Tulsa, now 97, is the older brother of the late Paul Neely, longtime Claremore businessman.  "Not only is John part of the family, but after seeing the 3D model we knew it would be a great addition to the Museum and help promote visitors to Claremore." 

 Paul’s wife, Jonnie Neely, and Paul Neely children and grandchildren contributed to the success of the Claremore Museum project.


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