Oologah Chamber of Commerce Listening Session

The Oklahoma Academy will conducting a Listening Session in Oologah, Okla. on Wednesday, July 18, with the Oologah Chamber of Commerce. These listening sessions held by the Academy help guide the Town Hall that will be held in November. The 2018 Listening Sessions will cover “Aligning Oklahoma’s Tax Code to Our 21st Century Economy.”


While the primary purpose of the Listening Session is to collect input from Oklahomans on a specific topic and share that data with the Town Hall participants, the Academy also utilizes the sessions to introduce Oklahomans who are new to the Academy’s business model of the civic and open engagement of public policy issues impacting Oklahoma.


Our intent with these Listen Sessions are two-fold. First, determine how well-informed attendees are about Oklahoma’s “sources of tax revenue” by having them take a quiz and then having them submit their responses so that we may later records them. No names or identifiers are recorded on the quiz. Second, utilizing a second unmarked survey for each attendee, we will provide the correct answers to each of the questions, thus allowing attendees to be better informed about how their tax dollars are raised and to where they are being allocated.


Who: The Oklahoma Academy

What: Listening Session, Aligning Oklahoma’s Tax Code

Where: Oologah Chamber of Commerce- 148 Cooweescoowee Ave W, Oologah, OK 74053

When: Wednesday, July 18, 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. 


The Oklahoma Academy is a nonprofit / nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving our state, one public policy at a time. But, the Academy doesn’t work alone. We believe the people should have a say in their futures and quality of life, so the Academy engages citizens across Oklahoma and involves those citizens in every step of the proposal process.

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