The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma supports the state’s teachers and public employees as they seek competitive wages. The League has always been a strong advocate for education and for those who work in this field. We believe that every child has the right to a quality education.
In its study of Oklahoma’s fiscal policy, the League found that the state has made some unfortunate choices by lowering taxes without having a way to fund essential services. It has offered incentives and exemptions that benefit some industries and individuals without improving the lot of most Oklahomans. And, it has failed to engage in the kind of long-term budgetary planning.
The Oklahoma Legislature’s failures are directly responsible for the situation in which Oklahoma teachers and public employees find themselves today. Teachers are leaving the state for better wages. The number of schools that have found it necessary to employ uncertified teachers has grown to an unprecedented level. And, some schools have been forced to limit classes to only four days a week.
When the legislature fails to support education, it leads to conditions that cause a prestigious international publication like The Economist to publish an article entitled “What’s Wrong with Oklahoma?” The members of both houses of the Oklahoma Legislature must put aside their differences and their posturing and do what’s right for Oklahoma.

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