Oologah schools respond to information about ‘possible threat’

Oologah-Talala faculty and staff were advised of a situation Friday morning regarding a potential threat against a school, although Oologah was not specifically named as a potential target, said Oologah-Talala  Superintendent Max Tanner.

According to a statement released Friday morning by Tanner:

“This morning (Friday, Aug. 31), the school received information of a possible threat against a school. The threat was non-specific to any school, and Oologah was not mentioned.

“The person that made the threat was a former student that no longer goes to school in Oologah,” Tanner said. “The police and sheriff’s offices have been contacted and are aware of the situation.”

“It is stated in the police report that a possible threat of violence would likely occur out of state,” Tanner’s statement continued. “We have taken many precautions this morning at our school.”

Tanner noted a presence of Oologah Police Officers on campus, following information about the possible threat, and each site was locked down at the entrance, with officers and staff monitoring students as they make their way into the school.

“Even though this was a non-specific threat to our school, we take this situation very serious,” he said.

Tanner sent out a recorded message to parents of students within the school district to make them aware of what had transpired and reassure them that school officials were “taking every precaution to keep the children safe.”

“We will keep monitoring this situation and let you know what else occurs, if necessary,” he said.

Tanner said he has communicated with school principals, and each site should have all outside doors locked and monitored, he said, adding that this precaution was not a total lockdown inside the school.

Any additional information will be added when it becomes available.

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